Canvas Remote Quizzes and Exams

This page describes some quiz types to help you make a decision for balancing between security and complexity in assessment efforts. There are basically 4 types of quizzes and exams that can be administered via remote methods. Click on the option that most closely matches what you need to see more details about how to create each type of quizzes and exams.

As final exams approach, CIDI can provide assistance with exam development, given sufficient lead time. If you would like help, please fill out the Canvas Exam Development Request Form. Please allow at least two business days for your request to be processed before the exam must begin.

Canvas Exam Development Request Form

Chat Help: Proctored Testing

Chat available:
M–F, 7 A.M.–10 P.M.

Phone Support available:
M–F, 8 A.M.–5 P.M.
(855) 834-2370


As a general recommendation, exams should be made available for a window of time (2-3 days) to allow students to accommodate their schedule. This can be achieved by adding an "Available from" and "Available until" date in the quiz or assignment settings.

Four types of remotely administered quizzes and exams

Proctored, Automatically Graded & Time Restricted (most secure)

Time Restricted and Automatically Graded

Time restrictions may be applied through Canvas Quizzes External Link Icon .
Automatically graded question types include:

Automatically Graded

Manually Graded with Complex Problems or Question Types

For these types of quizzes and exams, it will be helpful to consult with an Instructional Designer.

Typed Exam with Plagiarism Detection (no security restrictions)

  • Create as an "Assignment" External Link Icon in Canvas (cannot be proctored)
  • Open book, open note, open internet, open neighbor
  • Settings: Online submission, file uploads, enable Turnitin on assignment settings
  • Student submission: Typed essays in .doc, .docx, .rtf

Quiz Settings to Maximize Security

  • Use Question Banks
    • Pull subsets of questions. To do this, write 20 questions for a specific part of an exam. Add the questions to a question group, then have Canvas pull 10 questions randomly for each student.
    • Shuffle/randomize the order of answers (for multiple choice questions; don't use "All of the above" or "None of the above" as answer options).
    • Shuffle/randomize the order of questions by adding all of the questions to a question group.
  • Set a time limit
    • Extra time can be given to students with documented disabilities. 
  • Allow students to only see one question at a time (You cannot use this setting when using Proctorio.)
  • Don't allow students to see their quiz responses
  • Mix various question types
    • Use some free-response questions to require an open written response. NOTE: free-response questions require manual grading.

See Canvas Community External Link Icon guidelines for more details.