Student Self Evaluation in Canvas

Canvas does not currently have a direct function that is automatically attached to an assignment that allows for your students to do a self evaluation, but there is a workaround through New Quizzes.

The instructions below will show you how to create a self evaluation for your students based on a rubric outline that you have for your assignment.


Navigate to Quizzes

Quizzes tab highlighted


Click + Quiz and select New Quizzes (Beta), then click Submit

1, + Quiz; 2, New Quizzes (Beta); 3, Submit


Fill out the necessary information and settings for your quiz, then click Build

For best practices we recommend that you name the quiz "[AssignmentName] Self Evaluation" and assign it to the students with a due date.

Final Essay Self Evaluation in Assignment Name text field


Add instructions, click on the blue +, and select Multiple Choice

1, Instructions; 2, blue plus; 3, + Multiple Choice


Fill out the information based off of the first item on your rubric

See image below for an example.

self evaluation question example


Under the Options dropdown, select Vary points by answer

To the right of each answer an entry field will appear.

arrow pointing at checkbox next to Vary points by answer


Match the points with the rubric answers

vary points by answer example


Click on the blue + below the question and repeat steps 5 through 7 until all rubric items have been completed


Click Done

arrow pointing at Done button


Click Return in the upper right-hand corner

You can have it be part of a module and dependent upon them turning in the original assignment if you like. To do this, see the Canvas forum How do I add prerequsites to a module? external link icon