TidyUP Canvas Content Cleanup Tool

TidyUP is available in your Canvas course to help you quickly identify and clean up the content in your course. Identifying and deleting extra files, folders, pages, or assignments that are no longer makes your course easier to manage and more usable for everyone.

Getting Started

Contact CIDI with any questions or to help you install or use TidyUP.

What Does TidyUP do?

TidyUP provides an easy way to do the following in any Canvas course:
  • Identify and delete all files that are not being used in your course
  • See what files are being used in your course and where they are being used
  • Find empty folders in the files section of your course and delete them
  • View a list of all your Canvas pages, assignments, quizzes or discussions with information about each page and the ability to delete multiple pages at once

Add the Tool to your Course


If TidyUP is not already installed, click on Settings in your course and then click on the Navigation tab

TidyUp menu navigation


Drag the TidyUP item from the bottom section to the top and click Save

Scan your Course


Click on TidyUP in your Course Navigation

TidyUP Course nav


From the TidyUP Welcome page click the Scan Course button


Your scan is now in progress

(Depending on how much content you have in your course this may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes)

Review and Delete Content

Once you have run the report the first page you will see is a list of all of your files that are not in use that you can review and delete any content that is no longer needed.

Additional information on how to use each report is available from the TidyUP documentation page:

If you need assistance with any of the steps above, please contact CIDI for help.

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of using the TidyUP tool to remove unnecessary files in your Canvas course.