Update Date References in Canvas Module Titles

If you have previously typed dates to appear in your module titles in your homepage, you'll want to update them through the Multi-Tool.

To learn how to update the date references in Module titles, you can watch the video below or follow these steps.


In the course navigation, click on Multi-Tool


Click on Module Builder

Module builder

If you haven't already done so, Authorize the Cidi Labs Tools

Authorize Cidi Labs Tools


Under the list of Existing Modules, click on the Expand All button

Expand all modules


For each module listed, update the dates in the title box, then click on the Update This Module button

Update title and module


Once you have done that, you need to update the module listing on the homepage

  1. Click on the Home link in the course navigation
  2. Click the Edit button
  3. Launch the Design Tools by clicking on the spaceship icon in the top-right corner

Launch Design Tools

  1. Open the Add Advanced Elements section
    (If you don't see "Add Advanced Elements" section in the Design Tools, click the gear icon and toggle Module List item on)

Add advanced elements

  1. Open the Module List section

Module List section

  1. Click the Update Module Names button

Update module names

  1. The module names should update in the content area of course

Module names

  1. If you are not seeing them correctly, in the Design Tools > Add Advanced Elements > Module List, click the pill at the top of the section to turn off the module list and then turn it back on

    That should correct the problem

Configure module list


Finally, click on the Save button

Please see the Update Active Dates for Modules to Display page for details on how to have Canvas automatically highlight the current module based on the current date.

Video Tutorial

Learn how to update date references in module titles.