Update the Module Dates on the Home Page


Click the Edit button at the top of the page


Click the rocket ship icon in the top right corner (this launches the "Design Tools" in Canvas)


From the "Design Tools," expand the Add Advanced Elements section and then expand the Module List section

add advanced elements module list tab


Adjust the dates:

  1. Individually
    1. Click on the start or end date of the module you want to change
    2. Choose the new date on the calendar pop-up
    3. Repeat to make additional date adjustments
  2. Collectively (for the entire semester)
    1. Click Clear
    2. Choose the start and end date for module 1
    3. The rest of the modules will fill in with the pattern you created

If the semester starts on Monday but you want the remaining modules to start on Sunday, choose Sunday before the semester starts as the start date of the first module.

Add a module titled "Spring Break" that is positioned at the appropriate point in the semester to help your dates stay consecutive for spring semester.