Update the Visual Template Home Page

The Visual Template comes with a pre-styled homepage containing a general university image and replaceable banner text. Be sure to change the course number and title. Changing the image is optional.

(Note that in the Bare Bones template, the Canvas modules are set as the home page, so the following instruction does not apply.)

Customize the course number and title

On the home page, there is a placeholder where you need to add your course name and number. That section is currently populated with default text ("Text##" and "Front Page"). To update this information:

Placeholder text on the home page

Click the Edit button at the top of the page


Click the rocket ship icon in the top right corner (this launches the "Design Tools" in Canvas)


From the "Design Tools," expand the Create/Edit Content section and look for the option to Customize Banner Text


Type the course prefix (ex. BIOL) in the Unit Name textbox


Type the course number (ex. 1010) in the Unit Number textbox


Finally, put the course name (ex. Biology and the Citizen) in the Content Title section

Customize the banner text on the home page


Make sure to Save your changes when you're done

Updated course name and number on the home page

Customize the Home Page Banner Image


Open the page for editing


Click on the home page banner image to select it


Click the Upload/Embed Image Tool in the toolbar

(Click on the more options menu at the end of the toolbar if you don't see it.)

Click the banner image to highlight it and then select the Upload/Embed image tool.


Follow the steps provided by the tool to upload, crop, and embed a new image

Upload and Embed Image Tool


Click Save