Update Content Pages in Canvas Templates

Page Name

Your template has a content page for each week of the semester. The pages are named “Module 1 Material,” “Module 2 Material,” etc. You will need to edit each page and update the name of the page. In the following examaple, the title is “Page 1.”

Default content page heading

This should be changed to reflect the topic for each week. To update this information:


Click the Edit button for the page you are working on


Click the rocket ship icon in the top right corner (this launches the "Design Tools" in Canvas)


Expand the Create/Edit Content section and look for the option to Customize Banner Text


Add the topic in the Content Title text box

Customize the banner text in design tools on a content page.


Make sure to Save your changes when you're done

Updated content page heading


This short video will walk you through the process of how to update the Canvas homepage course title in a Canvas template.


The first section on the page is an area for you to provide an introduction to the weekly material. Use this section to get your students excited about the topic, pose an interesting question, or make a connection to the content from a previous week. You can convey this message through text or a short video. 


The next section on the page is where you should include the weekly learning objectives for the module. Each unit learning objective reveals what students will do or learn to show mastery of the course content. Write objectives that are actionable and measurable. 

Learning Resources

The learning resources section is where you will provide all of the content the students will need to learn the material for the week. You will want to include the list of textbook readings, your lecture recording, and links to any files External Link Icon or other outside resources External Link Icon .


This is where you will link to any graded activities External Link Icon  that will be due that week. There should be a clear connection between the assessments for the week and the stated learning objectives.

Additional Information

There is a “Module Template” at the top of the Modules list in the template. Please refer to the items in that module for additional tips and information on how to customize the template for your specific teaching needs.

Make sure and publish the content pages and assignments, quizzes, and discussions as you update them. You can use this as a sort of checklist to see, at a glance, which items you are done with and which ones you still need to work on.

Unpublished Canvas Page

Published Canvas Page