Survey Reports

We have coordinated annual wellbeing surveys in Utah communities since 2019. These efforts have been in partnership with over 30 cities and the Utah League of Cities and Towns. Over 24,000 surveys have been collected to date.

Each year, we summarize survey findings and provide an annual report for each participating city as well as county and statewide summary reports. Survey reports include demographic information of survey respondents and graphs illustrating responses to each of the questions. See below for all survey reports.

2019 Survey Reports

The 2019 surveys were completed on iPads at community locations, such as grocery stores, Wal-Mart stores, city offices, libraries, and public events. Dr. Courtney Flint and her team set up booths and asked passersby to complete the survey. No surveys were administered online. Therefore, the demographics of respondents are likely a bit different for the 2019 round of surveys given the different survey collection technique used.

City Reports

County Reports 

Utah Wellbeing Project staff standing behind a table with a project banner, looking at iPads used to adminster the 2019 round of surveys. Participants are taking the survey in the background.