Manually Graded Canvas Quizzes with Complex Problems or Question Types

This page describes the type of manually grading quizzes with complex problems or question types.

For these types of quizzes and exams, it will be helpful to consult with an Instructional Designer.

Typed Exam with Plagiarism Detection (no security restrictions)

  • Create as an "Assignment" External Link Icon in Canvas, cannot be proctored
  • Open book, open note, open internet, open neighbor
  • Settings: Online submission, file uploads, enable Turnitin on assignment settings
  • Student submission: Typed essays in .doc, .docx, .rtf

Typed or Hand-written Exam, Grade by page using the Canvas Speed Grader External Link Icon (medium security restrictions—you have a record of what the student is doing during the exam, but can't prevent them from sharing afterward; consider short time frame of availability)

  • Create as "Quiz" External Link Icon in Canvas
    • each page of the hard-copy exam will have an associated file upload question, AND/OR
    • essay questions
  • Can be proctored and time limited
  • Students can take pictures using their phone, save to their computer, then upload each image to each question (some security, students could share images with peers)